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More often than not, I feel like I’m at this point in life where I’m so tired there is no room for anything else. I see things that might have been inspiring once but my reaction is, instead, “oh, that’s nice”. My mind and body are exhausted from taking care of children 24/7. It’s just a stage, they’ll be grown and flown before I know it, but in the meantime I feel like I’m parched for creativity and that famine of spirit is wreaking havoc on my life in general. I’ve been dealing with some big stressors lately, too, nightmares, health issues, it’s just kind of difficult right now. The redeeming factor, in a somewhat ironic yet unsurprising way, are my children, my husband, my family. Perhaps, one day, I’ll have enough consecutive nights of sleep to be able to form cohesive sentences consecutively enough to be writing again. As for now, I’m struggling, but I’m happy…? lol


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