Once Again Timeless

I am once again in the position of having too much in my head to write about and not enough time with which to write it all down.


Side note, I love how I’m always using words improperly, in an almost pun-like play-on-of-words that both makes sense and doesn’t. I’m pretty sure if I was editing someone else’s paper I would tear such word structures apart and rebuild them with something less confusing. So… why do I revert to them so much myself? 


The kiddies are doing great. My eldest and I are maneuvering/fighting the Common Core fiasco. It infuriates me to no end.

My daughter is growing up to be quite the little, well, girl.

And my baby is crawling and trying to walk. He actually split his top lip open this morning in his efforts and I find myself both calmer about than with the other two kids and fairly distraught over it. He already has a doctor appointment set up that we are literally about to walk out the door for, so I didn’t feel the need to rush him in anywhere, but my poor baby boy was bleeding! Agh. I’m just… He’s a kid, it’s bound to happen, I’m over reacting, I get all that, but STILL… I just wanted to cry with him as I cuddled him up in my arms.

I think being alone with the kids so much is starting to drive my inner empath a little bonkers. I even narrate the family videos without realizing it. Just a tiny bit desperate for intellectual interaction, lol.